Bergen Shipping Dinner - Seminar

About Bergen Shipping Dinner

The Bergen Shipping Dinner, organized in collaboration between the Bergen Shipbroker Association and the Bergen Shipowners’ Association, has become a marquee occasion since its inception in 2003. Held every two years in what we proudly believe is Norway’s most beautiful city, the two-day event gathers more than 1500 guests from the international maritime industry.

Beyond its sheer size, Bergen Shipping Dinner has evolved into one of Norway’s foremost maritime gatherings and is today an essential platform for information sharing, networking and collaboration between the maritime cluster members, customers and partners.

By invitation only

Invitations to the Bergen Shipping Dinner are extended by the associations’ member companies. The main highlight is the grand dinner held at the Grieghallen venue, but invited guests can also enjoy a thoughtfully crafted range of activities and seminars during the two-day experience. The individual member companies also organize personalized events with their guests, fostering one-on-one interactions and strengthening business relationships.


Since its inception in 2003, Bergen Shipping Dinner has been dedicated to creating a platform where industry professionals can come together to meet new and old friends within the shipping community.

The primary objective is to foster stronger relationships and build new connections while enjoying the splendid atmosphere of the beautiful city of Bergen. The founders, Bergen Shipbroker Association and Bergen Shipowners’ Association, take great pride in hosting this extraordinary event year after year.